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George Wolfe

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Phone: 903-720-5030

I’m very happily married to my beautiful wife, Vici.  Together, we have five kids.  Four of which are grown. I have a passion for riding motorcycles and I enjoy golf, though I’m not very good at it. I am a Navy veteran of the Desert Storm/Desert Shield era.  I bring sixteen years of experience in the insurance industry with me to my work in real estate.

I have always worked my day to day business with a “can do” attitude.  I believe that if you service to your clients needs in a way that would make you proud of your hard work, then your client will have received the professional and dedicated attention that they were looking for.
My Papa always told me as a child that “nothing from nothing leaves nothing”.  Very simple statement right?  That has always stuck with me.  Put in what you want out of anything that you do.  I apply this work ethic to all that I do in order to gain the results you are looking for.  I am proud to be a Texas Realtor under the expertise that is displayed on a daily basis with my Broker, Cathy Daniels and the Texas Real Estate Executives.